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New artwork uploaded

2010-11-10 18:07:13 by TheDoomsdayBox

Im not saying if there good or not, im leaving it up to everyone to decide, Keep in mind im more of a musician than an artist.

New Artwork coming soon

2010-11-10 05:28:01 by TheDoomsdayBox

Atm im currently doing an art course and time to time i do random little drawing which ill soon add color too and add to my profile. Hope people will come check them out.

Ok, im a guitarist who mainly plays music of the heacy genre such of metallica, slayer, panter, bullet for my valentine etc... ive always wanted to learn how to scream like pantera and bullet do and would extremely appreitiate it if someone can give me tips, help, techniques (however you spell it) Thanks :D


2010-03-04 12:17:01 by TheDoomsdayBox

Started doing abit of recording in my collage course so should have stuff uploaded soon.

Ive been dead busy over ther last few weeks and had no time at all the draw anything at all, I dont think ill be carrying it on anymore either so i think thats it for me really,Just gonna go bk to my old Doomsday reviews instead

The Box is bored ¬_¬

2009-08-03 06:00:30 by TheDoomsdayBox

Nothing really to say unless you have anything on your minds, -_-Boredom...

Drawings coming soon

2009-06-27 15:31:09 by TheDoomsdayBox

I've got afew ideas for afew drawings ill do just for newgrounds, I'm not actually sure when ill get round to doing them but it will be soon.

ive submitted my first drawing and it hasnt shown up at all, WHY, TELL ME WHY!!!

Art Portal

2009-06-24 06:49:52 by TheDoomsdayBox

Tonight (in UK time) ill will be submitting myfirst ever thing on newgrounds which wll be a drawing i started yesterday, now i dont quite kno what catogory it will come under, its part of a poster i decided to draw with a zombie character from the band Iron Maiden so before i post it can anyone help with this.

Good mood

2009-05-09 09:22:44 by TheDoomsdayBox

Lol i dont kno why im in a good mood. Anyone else in a good mood??